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Tendon Master 7.8

Tendon Master 7.8


Tendon Master 7.8mm x 60m

An excellent rope with uncompromising quality certified both as a half and twin rope. Low weight and top-class specifications enable broad versatility but it‘s ideally suited to ice and mixed climbing.

Complete ShieldComplete Shield

The maximum level of protection of ropes with high water resistance and abrasion resistance. Using the new progressive method called NANOTECHNOLOGY, TEFLON® Eco in form of very small particles is applied to the rope sheath as well as the rope core and forms an almost impermeable protective layer against water and dust that could damage the sheath or the core. COMPLETE SHIELD is a new impregnation which extends the general lifespan of TENDON ropes significantly.

Half ropesHalf ropes

Separate ropes are anchored in alternating belaying points. This system reduces the risk of rope breakage by falling rocks and provides maximum protection in alpine conditions or on tough climbs.

Twin ropesTwin ropes

The same ropes are always used in pairs, secured at common belaying points. Twin ropes guarantee a high level of safety, especially for classic alpine climbing.

Technical data


sheath slippage (%) 0
CE 1019 yes
rope diameter (mm) 7.8
number of UIAA falls min 6
max. impact force (kN) 5.2
static elongation (%) 6.5
dynamic elongation (%) 32
knotability 0.9
EN 892 yes
weight (g/m) 38

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