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Lanex Lory

Lanex Lory


A new multi-functional safety device which can be used in the majority of situations when working at height - for belay, descender, positioning device and as a fall arrester - to be used with ropes 11 – 12 mm in diameter - EN 341 / EN 353/2 / EN 358 / EN 1515

• Foldout housing made of high-strength aluminium (closed as an option)
• Automatic locking with spring bolts
• Swivel-mounted stainless steel clamp cam to stop the rope run
• Standard position with spring pressure bolts
• Rope inlet and outlet made of heavy duty stainless steel
• Control lever to release the abseiling brake
• Mounting loop for carabiner hooks

• Safety function ac cording to EN 15151 In connection with dynamic ropes measuring 9 to 11.4mm
• Hold function ac cording to EN358 In connection with Static 11mm and 12mm ropes
• Abseiling device ac cording to EN 341 class A, 150kg, 150m in connection with  Static 11mm and  Dynamic 11mm.Maximum abseiling weight: 150kg
Maximum abseiling height: 150m Maximum abseiling force: 7.5mj
• Running fall-arrest device for flexible guidance EN 353-2 Especially in the
positioning function. In connection with  Static 11mm and Dynamic 11mm

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