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Kong Scarab Helmet

Kong Scarab Helmet


Scarab, a real workhorse for Kong !
Innovative ultra-lightweight multisport helmet produced with the technique " in molding system" (co-molded polycarbonate and polystyrene).
Universal Size : 51- 62cm; Lightweight: it weights only 245g

This helmet fulfills four standards :
- EN 12492 and U.I.A.A. 106 for climbing on rock and ice
- EN 1078 for cycling, mountain bike, skateboard
- EN 1385 for boating, rafting, hydro-speed
- EN 1384 for horse riding

The adjustment PERFIX ® guarantees a perfect fit to the shape of the head.

Put your helmet on, press the button of the rear wheel to widen or narrow (51- 62cm), lowers or raises the button to improve the set , adjust the side straps by sliding the buckle.
Please note: the chin strap must always be fastened.

The internal liners are treated to improve hygiene and prevent the formation of mold.
All materials are easy to clean .
The outer shell, made ​​of polycarbonate, is co-molded with the inner shell in polystyrene foam .

The vents and ducts Venturi effect favoring the circulation of air .
The helmet can be equipped with sun visor and has loops to attach a headlamp.

Optional visor available - this requires holes to be made in the shell of the helmet.

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