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DMM Nylon 26mm Slings

DMM Nylon 26mm Slings


This is the strongest tape in our range. It might not have some of the weight advantages of the skinnier Dyneema slings, but if you are looking for a sturdy, hard wearing sling, this is it.

The Nylon 26mm is popular with outdoor centres and groups, but anybody who does a lot of rigging will appreciate its strength and durability.


  • 26mm Nylon tape
  • Strongest in the range
  • Suitable for centre use
  • Available as 60cm, 120cm and 240cm open slings
  • Available in blue
Variant Strength Cat No
Nylon 26mm x 60cm 30kN MA2660
Nylon 26mm x 120cm 30kN MA26120
Nylon 26mm x 240cm 30kN MA26240

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