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DMM Alloy Offsets

DMM Alloy Offsets


This classic nut design used to be made by HB Climbing, but became unavailable when the company closed down in 2005. Demand for the nuts was still great so we decided to re-launch them.

The Offsets were originally designed by Hugh Banner, the climbing gear maestro who founded HB Climbing Equipment. Hugh was a real character and an extremely talented climber. He made numerous impressive first ascents during his lifetime, including classic test pieces such as The Mangler (E3 6a) on Helsby way back in the 1960s!

Hugh realised that conventional nuts don’t seat well in flared cracks, so he made one that did, and this is it. Well, almost. We updated the design by dropping the wire into a recess with a full radius to keep it protected and give extra strength. We also reduced the weight with lightening holes on the two larger sizes.

On slightly flared placements nothing fits like an Offset. Get a set as a back up for your Wallnuts and prepare to be converted.


  • Offset alloy nuts on wire
  • Wire recessed into top of nut and full wire radius for extra strength
  • Lightening holes
  • Colour coded for easy recognition
Variant Weight Strength Colour Cat No
Alloy Offset 7 27g 12kN Gold A1817A
Alloy Offset 8 30g 12kN Blue A1818A
Alloy Offset 9 37g 12kN Red A1819A
Alloy Offset 10 45g 12kN Grey A1820A
Alloy Offset 11 56g 12kN Light Blue A1821A
Alloy Offsets 7-11 195g - - A1817/21A

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