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DMM Aero

DMM Aero


The Aero Straight has a solid gate and a snag-free, clean-nose design; this gives the biner both toughness and excellent handling qualities. You can use it for all aspects of climbing, but it does perform very well at the bolt clipping end of a quickdraw.

New for 2013: We have improved the grip and ergonomics of the biner with the addition of an updated straight gate to help with full stretch clips. We have also introduced a stylish green colour scheme to the anodising


  • Clean nose design to reduce snagging
  • New improved grip and ergonomics to help with full stretch clips
  • Available as the Aero Quickdraw with 16mm nylon tape in 12cm or 18cm lengths
Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Strength (Gate Open) Strength (Minor Axis) Gate Opening Weight Cat no
Aero Straight 24kN 9kN 8kN 20mm 47g A221
Aero 12cm QD - - - - 110g A226-12
Aero 18cm QD - - - - 113g A226-18

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