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New Tendon Rope technology coming soon!

New product Tefix

Introducing new technology TeFIX and much more

INNOVATION, FASHION AND FUNCTIONALITY. These words can be used to describe in short the participation of the TENDON brand in the greatest outdoor trade fair in Europe. We present a new technology of rope braiding named TeFIX®, a 8.6 mm rope certified as single rope, and a new rucksack for climbers. All that in a maximally tuned design which combines trends and practicality.


A brand new patented technology TeFIX® provides for permanent connection of the core and the sheath. This is achieved by special materials added between the sheath and the core and an additional technological procedure that provides for durable connection of the core and the sheath. 

Benefits of the TeFIX® technology:


  • Guaranteed zero sheath slippage
  • Softer rope with excellent handling
  • By 3% lower dynamic elongation
  • Possibility of emergency use of the rope even in case of completely damaged sheath



Technologies keep advancing. Favorite MASTER 9.7 with TeFIX® technology became even more safer and durable than its older brother. Permanent connection of a core and sheath ensures that the sheath cannot shift. Check the fresh design!


  • Rope diameter • [mm] 9.7
  • Weight • [g/m] 61
  • Number of UIAA falls 8
  • Max. impact force • [kN] 8.2
  • Sheath slippage • [%] 0
  • Static elongation • [%] 8
  • Dynamic elongation • [%] 35
  • Knotability 0.8




FOR INDOOR CLIMBING: An new version of a robust rope AMBITION 10.2 enriched with TeFIX® technology. The fact that the core is connected with the sheath prevents the sheath from slippage and provides a maximum possible safety in case of the sheath damage. An ideal rope which will guide you through many vertical miles.

FOR BIGWALL CLIMBING: The most robust and safest rope into big walls from our catalogue. TeFIX technology holds the core and the sheath firmly together so that in case of emergency you can use the rope even when the sheath is ripped.


  • Rope diameter • [mm] 10.2
  • Weight • [g/m] 67
  • Number of UIAA falls 11
  • Max. impact force • [kN] 8.3
  • Sheath slippage • [%] 0
  • Static elongation • [%] 6.9
  • Dynamic elongation • [%] 33
  • Knotability 0.8




There are climbers who reach the limits of human possibilities, and they expect the same of the products they are using. Naturally, we are talking about Adam Ondra and the single rope MASTER 8.6. The thinnest single rope we offer. The low weight, which is only 49 g, makes it an ideal weapon, which will help every extreme climber to send their hardest projects.


  • Rope diameter • [mm] 8.6
  • Weight • [g/m] 50
  • Number of UIAA falls 5
  • Max. impact force • [kN] 9.1
  • Sheath slippage • [%] 0.3
  • Static elongation • [%] 4.3
  • Dynamic elongation • [%] 30
  • Knotability 0.9


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